Clothes To Wear In Rajasthan – Your Ultimate Packing Guide

Wondering “what clothes to wear in Rajasthan for my next trip?” Rest assured. This fashion guide will help you to make a sound plan.

Today, everybody is curious to explore different cultures within India. Every culture has its own dressing style, jewellery and other traditions. It is very common to face question “what clothes to wear in Rajasthan?” especially for women. The state has beautiful cities which are epitomes of its culturally rich heritage and royalty such as Udaipur, Jaipur, Pushkar, Jodhpur, etc. If the trip to Rajashtan is at the top of your list, you should start packing the right clothes which will not only add to your comfort and convenience but also your look, style and grace. Today, most of the women love to take pictures and post them on various social media sites. They want to stand out in the magnificent forts, pristine lakes and majestic palaces. Here is a reliable guide on the clothes to wear in Rajasthan.

Shirts -Trousers

Women can pair trousers with blouses and shirts – this style of clothing is splendid in Rajasthan. If you have this combination in serene, light colours, this dressing style will contradict with the vibrant colours of architecture such as forts, palaces, etc. along with reflections of beautiful lights on the serene lake water, and with cultural festivities and traditional occasions. You will look picturesque. However, if you are comfortable wearing bright and flashy clothes, go for it. Or else, you can add a bright scarf to your overall outfit.


Palazzo, a popular piece of bottom wear, comes in larger than ever varieties nowadays. It has a wider bottom near the ankles. It comes in multiple patterns, prints and lengths. Palazzo can be paired with t-shirts, kurtas and blouses. Kurtas can go well as Rajasthan is all about traditional and cultural look. You can choose accessories such as scarves, dupattas and other jewellery.

Salwar Kameez

This extremely feminine and divine traditional Indian poshak includes a loose trouser to be tied around the waist and kurta that comes in various lengths. It looks rich with a dupatta and beautiful Rajasthani earrings. You can shop for the perfect Salwar Kameez at Rajasthan’s local shops. One can pair kurta with leggings of complementary colours. Remember, such clothing style does not draw unwanted attention. It will certainly go well with the place vibe. From simple to fancy patterns and fabrics, many varieties are offered.


It is a floor or ankle length dress which fits well at the top but looses flowing at the bottom. This is something that you must pack in your bag because it serves as an appropriate dress for deserts of Rajasthan. Typically, colours such as green, orange, red and blue will go well against the stone structures and pristine beauty of Rajasthan. You probably want to add a shrug with stone and mirror work embroidery, shawl, etc. to the outfit.


Today, women’s shirts are available in different sizes, styles, fabric, colours and patterns. Some shirts also flaunt unique embroidery. A simple white shirt is a staple in your closet. You can pair it with beautiful skirt, jeans, trousers and palazzo. Shirts in white colour usually go with any form of bottom dress including maxi skirt. Adding to the elegance and style, you can wear a statement necklace. From Jaisalmer, Udaipur to Jodhpur, different maxi skirts along with shirts of unique patterns and varied colours can be tried. This dressing style is decent, safe and picturesque.

Leheriya Dupatta

Jaipuri Rajasthani leheriya dupatta with gota patti lace and latkan is something you should never miss during your trip to Rajasthan. If this trip is your life, this dupatta will be a pure air to breathe in. The term leheriya comes from the Rajasthani word for wave. It is a visually rippled pattern which is created by rolling the fabric in a tight manner and tying at intervals so as to resist the dye. Interestingly, this technique is applied to silks and cottons. When you visit Rajasthan, you will observe many women wearing leheriya dupatta and also saree. Try this leheriya dupatta with a monochrome outfit to make it stand out, especially in Udaipur palaces.


It is essential to pack scarves. Firstly, they add more appeal to your look. But most importantly, they provide protection from the harsh sun rays. You can cover up your face when you are in the crowds. There are some divine places such as temples, etc. wherein you can cover your shoulders and head to dress modestly and just make yourself comfortable in the culture. Rajasthan markets offer nice silk scraves with beautiful colours and patterns. They look absolutely stunning. It is a trend in other states as well. Try it.

Apart from this, one may keep trying statement jewellery, traditional Rajput jewellery and traditional Rajputana Poshak especially while attending cultural festivities and shows. It is also advisable to choose clothes to wear in Rajasthan according to the attractions in Rajasthan you will visit and importantly, according to the weather conditions. The experience is going to be amazing, safe, easy and memorable, with any of these methods.

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